EVE Goirtin Blog

This is a blog where you can keep up to date with news and events in EVE HSE Goirtin Training Centre.

EVE Goirtin is a Training Centre for adults who have experienced a mental health difficulty. We provide a range of training options including Catering, Horticulture, Information Technology, Career Options and Personal Development.

We also have extra options available to allow trainees to engage with Culture in fun and social ways, some of which you can find out more about here on our blog.

If you have any questions please let us know in the comments, or give us a call at: 01 8380952, or email us at goirtin@eve.ie

You can also visit the EVE website to learn more about our organisation



  1. […] HSE EVE Goirtin held an art exhibition opening today in the Art area of DIT Grangegorman. HSE EVE Goirtin is very closely linked to DIT through various community …. Our IT training centre HSE EVE GHIS went to the opening with 11 of our students to admire the art work but also to visit the newly refurbished DIT buildings and campus area. Grangegorman was previously the site for St.Brendan’s hospital and HSE EVE had links with the former hospital. Now the land it has become a place of learning for DIT students and other organisations including HSE EVE Goirtin. […]

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