Christmas in Goirtín 2017

The Moving Crib in Dublin

We visited the moving crib in Dublin City centre.  The crib first opened it’s door in 1956 and has be delighting people for over 61 years. The crib has all the original figures.    Some of our members have fond memories of visiting the crib when they were children.

Dublin City 2017 - Christmas Crib
Dublin City 2017 – Christmas Crib

Special Santa Post

Part of the experience was to send a post card to any were in the world free of charge.  The moving crib provided the post card and had their own special post box.

writing my santa list, I've been so good!
writing my santa list, I’ve been so good!

Fictitious Career choices

Some of Goirtín members wanted to try out a few new career choices before we left.  Think they will be kicking the habit.


Secret Santa in Goirtín

Christmas week there was plenty of the Christmas spirit. Goirtín had it’s our annual secret Santa.  Head Elf Peter was on hand to give out the gifts


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