Summer Fruit Pots- Food For Life


Here is our healthy alternative to fatty desserts this summer- vitamin packed summer berries in a fruity summer jelly cup. We have also made a custard version for those on a les strict diet!


This recipe is very straight forward.


Serves 6


You will Need:


Blueberries (200g)

Raspberries (200g)

Strawberries (200g)

Strawberry Jelly (1 package, we used chivers but any will do)

1 pint hot water


Optional topping:


Fresh Mint leaves



  1. Wash all fruit and cut strawberries in half. Set aside
  2. Boil water. Seperate jelly cubes and mix into water using a wooden spoon, until dissolved
  3. Pour jelly into cups or ramekins and add a handful of fruits to each cup.
  4. Refrigerate jelly for 2-3 hours, until firmly set
  5. For your optional topping, make custard according to package instructions and pour on top, and/ or just add a sprig of fresh mint
  6. Enjoy!



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