Sackville Street Houses Exhibition



We went to the Botanic gardens on our weekly trip. We went to see the 1916 exhibiton. The exhibition was about all civilians who were killed in the 1916 rising in Dublin. The exhibition was made up of houses with the victims name on them.


The houses were made up of different materials for example paper. The houses were made by students from all parts of  Ireland. The work was very good and it must have take a considerable amount of time by the teachers and students. All the houses had the victim’s name on them.


I thought the exhibition were very good. My favourite house was the cottage with the straw roof. There was so many of them.  I admired the other house that was made up of the paper. There was also beauiful verses of the victims which made me sad.


The exhibition was very good and I admired the talent of the students who created the houses. I enjoyed it and I walked around without feeling rushed.  I learned today that will be talend artists for the future.


The 1916 exhibtion is still open and I would advise people to come and watch. The gallery is above the main restaurant.



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