Little Miracles Exhibition Part Two

Inspiration Hope Painting, Little Miracles exhibition

The inspiration for the visual artworks made by Goirtin’s artists came from ‘Prisms’ a book of poetry which had been produced by the poets of H.O.P.S. Creative Writing group. The poems in the ‘Prisms’ collection vary tremendously, ranging from funny to sad, romantic to philosophical, and running the gamut of the human experience. The artists from Goirtin took these poems as a basis for producing new original artworks.

As a group project, several of the Goirtin artists picked out quotes from the poetry, to inspire a painting on canvas. After selecting the poem, the artist created an image in paint with evoked, in their eyes, the meaning behind the poem. The artists them masked out the words of that quote on the painting, and coated the painting in white spray paint. Removing the masking tape leaves the words of the poem lifting out from the painting beneath.

Anthony Behan was one of the project artists who chose the quote ‘There’s always something new to find.’ from James Bach’s poem ‘Providence and New Learning.’ Anthony painted a vibrant woodland landscape, on which the words of the poem were super-imposed. Anthony’s choice seems especially appropriate as the shaded and leafy deep woodland setting is ripe with possibilities, much like the poem itself.

The visible layers of meaning in these paintings echo the layers of meaning within the poems, and the manner in which the reader is vital in order to bring a poem to life. Elsewhere in the exhibition, the poems have inspired an eclectic mix of artworks. Goirtin artist Jurate Grisajeva has made intriguing mixed media works using tree slices, fabric, clay, rock salt, and other found objects to re-imagine the angels and sea maidens featured in poems.

Work in Progess

…. to be continued


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