June Developments in Grange Gorman

Grangegorman Villas , June 2015
Grangegorman Villas , June 2015

It has been exciting to see preparations for work at our future site in Grangegorman Villas this month. Hopefully we will have more developments to report on this soon!

DIT Grangegorman New Building

Meanwhile, at DIT, buildings are going up at a remarkable pace. To the right you can see the new complete structure of a Research Building. It seems there will be a lot more space for students in the 2015/2016 term. A new walking track is also almost complete, which spans the perimeter of the new campus. Please stay tuned to out blog for more updates!

DIT Lift Off Show Entrance

We also enjoyed visiting the DIT: Lift Off first exhibition of work by the Art and Design students of DIT, which took place in the same building as our show with them this march. The students work was really impressive, spanning 3 floors of the North House and also filling the Annex Building.


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