Hamsa Hand Project

The Hamsa Hand Project is part of a group of new works we are making for our DIT exhibition. Student Sophia Byrne from Blanchardstown IT has worked with the art group from Goirtin to create a series of brightly coloured, individual hands. Read on below the images to find out about the research that went into the group’s work.

Our Hamsa Hands

The ‘Khamsah’ or Hamsa Hand originates from the Middle East. It is an amulet which symbolizes the Hand of God. The amulet was believed to ward off evil forces and bring them goodness, abundance and luck. The Hamsa can be seen often worn as a pendant on a necklace but also on key chains, house decorations, baby cots and other jewelry items. The Evil Eye can  be associated with the Hamsa Hand which also banishes away evil forces.

The idea of this project came from the current fashion trend of the Hamsa Hand which can be seen on jewelry. The idea of tracing our own hands and decorating them represents individuality and promoting goodness, luck and abundance among people experiencing difficulty in their lives and creating a sense of hope and positivity. Each piece created has a sense of uniqueness and different materials were used to create these pieces including paint, colored pencils, colored card and textile gel. Some ideas were different to others, for example; the Aztec inspired bird which is a hand but turned sideways which creates the image of the bird. One hand was created using green paint which represents our nationality and our native color.


Overall, the project of The Hamsa Hand was a success and  the idea was linked in well to art and showed how different ideas were generated in connection with The Hamsa Hand and how we can incorporate the symbol of luck into our everyday lives. 


You can read more about the history of Hamsa here:


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