TAKEN 3 Movie Review

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This is a review based on a group discussion after we went to see Taken 3

Spoiler alert! The ‘plot’ section contains the whole story of the film so don’t read if you haven’t seen it!

The Plot

Bryan Mills’ (played by Liam Neeson) wife is murdered, and he is accused of her murder. He rings his daughter Kim, to tell her that her Mam is dead and he didn’t do it and he’ll be in touch. He then goes on the urn, because the police are after him. He then goes down the sewer drains and makes his way to his secret hideout. He goes to the petrol station and sees his ex-wife on the CCTV and sees her being abducted. At the station, he is arrested.

He’s in a car chase and causes crashes all over the main roads, and he escapes from the police car. He meets up with Kim in her college. After that he tells he, through a hidden video chat on a phone, at her mother’s funeral, to stick to her normal routine. He leaves the college and gets chased by the police, and his car blows up.

Bryan kidnaps Stuart and Stuart tells him everything. Stuart rings up the Russian fella and sets up a meeting with him. Bryan then attacks the Russian headquarters and finds out that Stuart was behind everything. Stuart abducts Kim, and Bryan has to track him down and crash his car into a plane to save his daughter. Brian wants to kill Stuart, but he thinks about his future with Kim and the baby she is expecting.

What we thought about the film

Everyone liked the film, it had a lot of action and there was a good storyline.

Liam Neeson’s character was likable and tough, but a softie with his daughter. Stuart, the villain, was unlikable and greedy. Maggie Grace who played Kim was a good actor, her character was very lovable, but a bit predictable. The detective in the story was very good at his job.

Marks out of ten

Irene: 7/10

Des: 7.510

Liz: 8/10

Michael: 4/10

Average score: 6.5/10



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