Deaf Village Work Experience

work experience4

How I got my work experience position at Deaf Village Ireland

By Anthony Behan

My work experience journey began with our hub’s visit to Ireland’ s only Deaf Village. Me and my centre’s staff and students visited the Deaf Village last month. We all got a free coffee and biscuits on arrival. The staff and all participants in the deaf village are so helpful and friendly. People loved it in there and I went into the manager of the Deaf Village and asked him would I be able to do voluntary work and he told me to start Friday. I went in Friday and I have to say I had a great night working along side so many lovely people. I was dealing with money and making sure everything was clean. We got very busy after a meeting and I was working along side two other workers from the deaf village they are very helpful and made me feel at home. I am working once a week from 6pm to 10 pm and I will hopefully achieve something. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language, so this is the inspiration I needed to get started! Anthony Behan


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