Community Art with Thomas Court

Autumn Trees in Pastels
Autumn Trees in Pastels

A big thank you to the lovely staff and manager of HSE EVE Thomas Court Hub, who opened their doors to welcome us to join them in a Community Art project running on Fridays. On the most recent Friday we all created pastel paintings of autumn trees.

Autumn Trees Pastel Painting
Autumn Trees Pastel Painting

This painting is a study both in autumn colours and perspective, with its winding pathway and soft earthy autumn colours. Every artist took their own unique approach, though we were inspired by this great blog tutorial on .


winter woods in pastels
Winter woods in pastels

Some of the most interesting interpretations came from using a different colour palette entirely, like this blue and pink composition above, which gives the picture an almost wintry feel.  Hope you may be inspired to try this tutorial for yourself! if you do, please let us know how your painting turns out!


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  1. Oh these are fantastic! I love how each one is unique – in the use of color, perspective and details! Thank you so much for sharing – and I hope you will enjoy many more hodgepodge tutorials 🙂

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