New Door Sign Project



Goirtin are piloting a new community-focused EVE HSE programme called ‘The Hub’.

As part of our new structure, and to go with our new building, we have named all our rooms after birds. We have made room signs using Victorian style frames, which various artists from the centre have illustrated with the bird matching the room title.

So far we have ‘The Robin Room’, ‘The Kingfisher Room’, ‘The Woodpigeon Room’, ‘The Goldfinch Room’, we are still taking suggestions for the new title for the office. If you have any ideas, let us know!

The very creative Robin painting above was made using feathers, paint, one googly eye and some small cut out hands.




The Woodpigeon and Goldfinch were both drawn using coloured pencils. We took references from photographs and educational posters about birds to help make our images realistic.




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